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Cat.No. Product name Product Description
R10270 GSK2801 GSK2801 is a selective bromodomains BAZ2A/B inhibitor with KD of 257 nM and 136
R10332 Molibresib (Synonyms: GSK 525762A; I-BET 762) Molibresib (GSK 525762A; I-BET 762) is a BET bromodomain inhibitor with IC50 of
R10409 (+)-JQ1 (+)-JQ1 is a BET bromodomain inhibitor, with IC50 of 77 nM/33 nM for BRD4(1/2) i
R10793 (-)-JQ1 The bromodomain and extra terminal domain (BET) family of proteins, including BR
R10835 Birabresib (Synonyms: OTX-015; MK-8628) OTX015 is a potent BET bromodomain inhibitor with EC50 ranging from 10 to 19 nM
R10929 UNC1215 UNC1215 is a potent and selective MBT (malignant brain tumor) antagonist, which
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